Tuesday, 14 March 2017

This Took Forever... | Litspiration Challenge #3

Powerpoint, infographic, posters and essays are common ways to convey information, however for this project we’re thinking out of the box. We have made a theme statement for the book House of the Scorpion based off of evidence presented by Nancy Farmer; “All people deserve equity regardless of things beyond their control.” Several pieces of evidence have arisen through the book. An example is how people use “eejit” as insult and how clones are looked down apon is evidence of this theme statement. So with that in mind, have a look!

In this video, we have shown how some people are treated differently, but should be treated the same way as everyone else. Objectification is a common problem, but this takes inequity and inequality to another level. Through “The House of the Scorpion” judgment is made without reason and unequality is without basis. You may notice that the blue person is being treated differently. At the start of the film, we have all normal, dull people walking around. In the background we have quotes about how people treated Matt (The blue person) when he wasn't around. We chose to do this to show how different people are treated and thought about even when they're not around. Next, the blue person walks in. In the background of this scene, the quotes are like the other scene, showing that the inequity follows people everywhere.

However, things starts to shift once the different, blue person starts to show who they are as a person. They are helpful and kind, helping up another person, despite how the other person had treated him in the past. His actions really deeply affect the other character. To show this, that other person changes colour a bit. Now they are significantly stronger as two, just as Maria and Matt work well together in “The House of the Scorpion”.  Together, they tell the others off and enforce their own perspective.

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