Thursday, 23 February 2017

"House of the Scorpion" Teenage Crisis! | Harkness Discussion #3

As we continue to read the House of the Scorpion, numerous new things have come up. The characters are getting more round and detailed. There are even more problems. The main character, Matt is a clone of a drug lord. People don't like him much and he's constantly shunned. We discussed our thoughts on the first 150 pages. 
The best part of this discussion occurred from 4-5 minutes. This is because we're talking about human nature. Human nature and clones, comparing and contrasting Matt and the drug lord, El Patron.

This group, you'll notice is very even, as the chart shows. Everyone talked an even amount so we didn't have much of a problem supporting quieter people.

It is very even, despite the more talkative people. Often, they held back a second in order to let someone else talk and give their thoughts.
This is a pretty successful strategy but you'll notice, there are still parts with people interrupting each other. To solve this problem, we need to take turns. Perhaps, we could have something that we pass around the circle to show who is talking at a given point.

Tuesday, 21 February 2017

The Land of the Rising Drug! | Litspiration Challenge #1

After reading 100 pages into this mesmerizing novel we attempt to represent the setting presented by Nancy Farmer and the landscape of Opium.

We found the Setting to drive the narrative, an example of this is when Matt was
in a Prison Cell when he gets out, the setting changes dramatically. As well as this,
this takes place in a Drug Lords territory that's just South of the US near the
Chiricahua Mountains. This presents problems of climate and other hardships that come with Geographic location.
We hope you enjoy!

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Lights, Props and Backgrounds in a Book | Harkness Discussion #2

During this Harkness Discussion, we talked about setting. In this discussion, we were trying to include everyone in the discussion. We asked a variety of questions so the more quiet people had a chance to answer, and so the people who talked more would talk a little less. Although we think in this discussion, the more talkative people dominated the conversation. Besides a number of people contributing, we had a very good discussion. We think that the best part has around 3:30 minutes to 4:30 minutes. This was when we were talking about clones, their rights, and what they did. To improve the conversation next time, we want to balance who is talking and how much, by getting answers from everyone.